Extract: Strip Back by Ava Manello


I stand in the bathroom doorway, watching Christy. I love watching her. She’s oblivious to my presence. Her head is thrown back, a look of absolute bliss on her face as the water falls on her long, dark tresses before cascading down her back.


Stealthily I move closer, not wanting to draw attention to my presence. I’m enjoying the view far too much to end it just yet. I move closer, staying silent so as not to disturb her.


Through the glass of the shower screen I can see her naked outline. I know she hates it when I stare; she’s too conscious of her lumps and bumps as she calls them. I don’t see them; instead I see pure perfection. I am mesmerized by the rise and fall of her voluptuous breasts. I watch a trail of water caress her breast, skirting around her nipple, then trailing down over the swell of her stomach, and down. It stays on its path, moving down the curve of her hip, and down her thigh. I love those long legs of hers, whether they’re clad in stockings or simply wrapped around me in bed. I watch as the water makes it’s final journey and reaches her knee. Fuck. I’ve made my mind up. I want her. I need her now. My cock is hard as a rock, needing to feel her body against mine.


I step out of my boxers, making my way closer to the shower. The cold air from the door opening startles Christy, but when she sees it’s me she relaxes again. The smile that I love spreads over her lips, lighting up her face as she beckons me in with an outstretched finger. I don’t hesitate, needing to be with her.


She draws me in until we’re both under the blast of hot water. Fuck! How the hell can she stand it this hot? She’s a self-confessed shower tart. She’d be happy to spend all day under the warm stream if I’d let her.

Christy moves for the shower gel, turning me around to lather my back. The slow, sensual stroke of her hands feels so good. The tension starts to leave my shoulders and body.


I turn and lean in to gently nip at her neck, while her hands move behind me to massage my ass. She let’s out that little moan that gets me every time. My erection pushes itself into her stomach, wanting in on the action. Laughing quietly she moves a hand around to my front, taking a firm hold of my cock. Shit, that feels so good. She squeezes lightly, massaging up and down my length. Her soap covered hands so soft and slick against me.


I move my head to her breasts, drawing my tongue over her already erect nipple. With the water cascading over my head and shoulders my teeth graze over her nipple, causing her to tighten her grip. Fuck me. I need to be in her. Now.


I turn her quickly so she’s facing the wall. Knowing what I want she braces her hands on the shower tiles, pushing her ass out to me. I caress the perfect globes of her ass with my calloused fingers, digging in to leave an imprint.


Trailing my fingers between her legs, I can feel Christy’s already wet for me. Thrusting a finger inside her, I cherish the moan that escapes her lips. She pushes her ass further back at me, a silent plea for me to get on with it.


I want to make this moment last, but my cock has other ideas. Removing my fingers I thrust deep inside her. I groan in satisfaction. This is my favorite place, deep inside her, cocooned in her warmth. I hold still, wanting to enjoy the moment as her internal muscles squeeze me firmly, but she has other ideas. She moves against me, bucking her hips and setting the pace. I sense that she needs it hard and fast today, no tender love making. Who am I to deny her?


The water continues to cascade over our bodies as we fuck hard and rough. That’s what this is. Pure, animalistic fucking. God, I love fucking her. When we’re together like this everything feels right, like it was always meant to be.


She’s close, so fucking close I can feel it. I reach for her clit; flicking it viciously. Her resulting orgasm squeezing my cock so tightly I struggle to hold back myself. I thrust as deeply as I can, finding my own release, letting my hot seed fill her.


I am in love this woman, the words are on the tip of my tongue to tell her, but I hold back. Unsure if the emotion is shared, if I’m nothing more than a good fuck to her. I’ve made mistakes in the past, revealed my feelings too soon, and had them thrown back in my face. I need to take my time here. I don’t want to be made a fool of again.


My legs are like jelly, but I draw her to me, holding her close. We take our time slowly washing each other down, and enjoying each others bodies, before we head back to my bedroom where we fall asleep spooning each other, naked flesh against naked flesh.


I wake suddenly, and the cold hard realization that this was just a dream hits me. She is gone. I’m alone. The sorrow of my loss hits me harder each time I have the dream, and remember how much she meant to me.


(c) Ava Manello 2014

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