Declan (Wounded Heroes #1)


War almost destroyed them, but they survived thanks to their brother in arms Declan.

Coming home wasn’t as sweet as they’d hoped, lives had moved on without them. For one it was all too much.

United by grief and angered by injustice the Wounded Heroes vow to always be there for each other.

Little do they know that’s going to come sooner rather than later.


‘Declan’ starts with a bang, and a powerful charge of passion. You’re swept straight into the traumatic aftermath of Declan’s return to civilian life; the confusion he feels between his desire to protect his dead mate’s widow, and the equally understandable desire to feel again after months of numbness, is told in graphic and very effective prose. Amazon Reviewer

Australian Declan’s old mates, his army buddies, are getting on with their lives (all except Max, whose escape into death leaves Declan consumed with guilt over his failure to protect his friend, both on the battlefield and after they returned home). In an attempt to put it all behind him he takes to the road on his motorbike, and ends up running a small pub in the Outback. It isn’t long before he realises he’s strayed right into the middle of a war between bike gangs, and that the girl with whom he’s begun a gentle and fragile love affair belongs to one of the gangs. Before long he’s having to use all the skills he learned in Afghanistan to survive, and keep his lover safe. Amazon Reviewer

Declan and his mates are not always the good guys. They are fully prepared to use their wartime skills to manage their civilian lives, and they all make decisions that could land them into serious trouble with the law. They’re used to working as a team, though, and none of them will let the others down. This is the first in Ava Manello’s Wounded Heroes series, and I look forward to the others if they’re as well written as this one. Amazon Reviewer

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