#AuthorLife Begins

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And so it begins…

For the last three years, I’ve worked full time. Prior to that, I had the luxury of spending a whole year writing full time.  I’ve missed that so much. I had a massive shock earlier this year when I unexpectedly lost my Mum (who I absolutely worshipped) to cancer. It puts your life in perspective.  That’s why I’ve decided that life is too short, and instead of waiting for the dream to happen, I’m going to make it happen.

Rashly perhaps, I have quit the day job from the end of June. I’m challenging myself to make my writing work full time over the next six months. I hope it will be a success, it will certainly be hard work, but you know what? I think it will be worth every late night, every grey hair and every deadline panic ahead.

I have an over-enthusiastic cover designer who likes to show me what she’s designed, and I have a habit of buying it, even if there isn’t a book to go with it yet. Occasionally I look at one of her covers and a story just hits me, that’s what happened with the cover for Rebel, my new MC series that will be out later this year.

First off the press though has to be Cam, the second book in the Wounded Heroes series. I’ve been working on it for almost two years now and it is definitely deserving of my full-time attention so I can share what happens next to the Wounded Heroes with my readers.

I love the Indie book community and am proud to be a part of it.  Now let’s just all cross our fingers and hope that this inane plan of mine actually works!


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